About Yeliz


My name is Yeliz and I’m a cosplay artist from Melbourne, Australia. I have been creating costumes since 2014 based on video games, anime series, movies and original designs. I am extremely passionate about costume making and video games.

I enjoy attending conventions, as it is a very inspirational and fun community. Being able to meet new people, artists and share your passion with everyone around you is a wonderful thing.

Costume making helps me express my love for the characters that I portray.
 I enjoy working with people who challenge me and give me an opportunity to grow as an artist. Doing things outside of what I normally do is a great way to explore bigger and better things. 
Helping to teach people, inspiring other artists, being inspired myself, getting involved and discovering new depths of my creativity is what I value most about these experiences. Traveling abroad and having the opportunity to explore new cultures and places is one of the best highlights to what I do.

Who Have I Worked With?